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Sai Baba Quotes 2023 To Make Your Mind Positive and Patience

Sai Baba Quotes 2023 To Make Your Mind Positive and Patience

Sai Baba Quotes 2023 To Make Your Mind Positive and Patience

Sai Baba Quotes 2023 To Make Your Mind Positive and Patience

Read Positive Shirdi Sai Baba Quotes in English languages to make your mind positive, patient and get inspiration for doing your karma better. To change the language, use the tool on the top.

Sai Baba is famous for the lessons he taught on love and compassion for all people, whatever the religious background of the persons he instructed.

It is not known very much about Sai Baba’s background, other than the fact that he moved to Shirdi, a small town in the state of Maharashtra in India, and lived the pious life of a saint there. Because of this, each and every one of his devotees looks up to him as “Shirdi Sai Baba.”

The teachings of Sai Baba were devotedly written down by his disciples and are currently the only source of his wisdom. This is also where all of Sai Baba’s quotes can be found. Despite the fact that he did not write any scriptures itself, Sai Baba’s teachings are available. He is regarded as a member of both the Hindu community and the Muslim community, and he was effective in bringing people of both groups into agreement with each other. His primary advice was to live a life of virtue and love toward all people while also living modestly within the community. This was the basis of his teachings. Know everything about Sai Baba by clicking on the link.

Sai Baba Quotes 2023

  1. Your worth isn’t diminished because someone can’t perceive how valuable you are. — Sai baba quotes
  2. Be strong. because things will eventually improve. It may be stormy right now, but it never rains for an indefinite amount of time.” — Sai baba
  3. Try not to give up! Your miracle is on its way.” — Sai baba
  4. If there is a delay, it indicates that there is something wonderful is waiting for you, so try not to get discouraged by the wait. — Sai baba
  5. Don’t dwell in the past because it will just make the present more difficult.” Living in the past and reminiscing about it has never led to anyone’s success. Child, you must stay in the here and now. — Sai Baba
  6. “Have some bravery and some courage! Do not let fear or discouragement get the better of you. Your god is always there with you, no matter where you go.” — Sai baba
  7. “When God removes everything from you and makes you empty, then when that time comes, don’t be sad because God is going to give fresh life to you… and then he will begin handing over all of the goods to you.” — Sai baba
  8. The path that leads from suffering to joy… The realisation that you are happy can only come via suffering… If you are experiencing suffering in your life, it is a sign that you are on the path to achieving happiness in the future. — Sai baba
  9. “My cherished ones… Just keep in mind that things will need to work out for the worse before they can work out for the better. — Sai baba
  10. “Let me take care of all your troubles and ease your anguish. Put them at my feet and walk away. And in exchange, you get to keep the smiles and the peace. I am forever for you. There for you to rely on. — Sai baba
  11. When you are able to calm your mind, your soul will take over since it is always attempting to assert its presence over the chatter in your head. — Sai baba
  12. Don’t worry, child; I will assist you in finishing all of the job that you have left undone. We are going to finish it up together.” — Sai Baba
  13. “While I keep a watchful eye on you…” I am aware of the motivation behind everything you do and am aware of the darkest secret that lies inside your heart. — Sai Baba
  14. When a person’s heart is in agony from suffering, the loads become too heavy, and the route becomes hazardous. Chant more, pray more, and remain connected with me more, and fill up the emptiness with more of both me and my name.” — Sai baba
  15. “Rid yourself of any and all unfavourable thoughts so that I may fill you with my grace,” — Sai Baba
  16. “Remember that I am your guru,” baba said. and don’t wonder why things are going the way they are with you right now… Believe me, my child, because I know that there are many positive things that are hiding underneath the current negative scenario, and that is why I am telling you this. — Sai baba
  17. “Don’t expect me to show my presence every time, but I assure that when you need me the most, you will feel my powerful presence.” – Sai Baba
  18. “There is only one caste, and that caste is the caste of humanity.” Love is the only true religion, and there is only one of them. There is only one language, and that is the language that can be understood by the heart. — Sai baba
  19. “Have no fear, for I am personally standing guard over you and your loved ones.” — Sai baba
  20. It’s sheer delight to meditate on me, whether with or without form. — Sai baba

Quotes on Karma

  1. You receive what you sow. You receive what you give. — Sai baba
  2. If you’re going to do anything, do it completely or don’t do it at all. — Sai baba
  3. Never use poisonous language against others, since words can do more permanent damage than even arrows can. — Sri Sai baba
  4. Those who are aware of themselves are the wise ones. — Sai baba
  5. Learn to act on what you say — Shirdi Sai baba
  6. Always keep in mind, my child, that every person that enters your life has some kind of connection with you. — Sai baba
  7. Listen to my directions, and proceed with caution… I am unable to appear before you in human form in order to guide you… In order to train you, I will be employing a variety of formats… You have a responsibility to comprehend their instructions. — Sai baba
  8. “You don’t need to do anything other than look towards me; doing so will help reduce your karmas… Looking continually towards me will… Continue to meet your gaze with mine. — Sai baba
  9. Be modest if you are rich. When plants yield fruit, they bow. — Sai baba
  10. Spend money on charity; be generous and generous without going overboard. — Sai baba
  11. Carry on with your daily tasks with joy, but never forget God. — Sai baba
  12. Life’s pricks should not be fought. — Sai baba
  13. Treat each creature that comes to you, human or otherwise, with respect. — Sai baba
  14. Do not get fixated with the value of money. — Sai baba
  15. Look for the divine in others. — Sai baba
  16. Don’t yell at them or be angry; instead, put up with their concerns. — Sai baba
  17. Give food to those who are hungry, drink to those who are thirsty, and clothing to those who are naked. God will be happy then. — Sai baba
  18. God isn’t all that far away. He is neither in the heavens above nor in the depths of hell. He is constantly close by. — Sai baba
  19. Anyone who is enraged with another wounds me to the bone. — Sai baba
  20. If you can’t listen abusive words from others, simply utter a simple word or two, or leave. — Sai baba
  21. What do we gain from the good fortune of others? Let us rejoice with them or aspire to be like them. — Sai baba
  22. If someone offends you, do not retaliate. — Sai baba
  23. Sin will not be forgiven unless one falls at God’s feet. — Sai baba

Quotes On Patience and Faith

  1. Saburi (patience) transports you to your destination.
  2. Patience isn’t about being able to wait, it’s how you respond while waiting. — Sai baba
  3. Patience is the capacity to keep going while waiting, rather than the ability to wait. — Sai baba
  4. The six Sastras and the four sadhanas are optional. It’s enough to have entire faith in your guru.
  5. Right now, the most important thing you can do is to remain patient while things are working out for you. This is the most effective action you can do. — Sai baba
  6. One who never loses patience when praying and learns to wait in the process of praying is blessed. Due to the fact that my timing is always spot on — Sai baba
  7. There is a barrier between oneself and others, as well as between you and me. Take down this barrier!
  8. “If you continue to have patience and faith, then your request will be granted.” — Sai baba
  9. Care about God as an act of worship, and watch while he transforms your challenges into opportunities. — Sai Baba
  10. I will never ignore you and will always look out for your safety.” — Sai baba
  11. Faith is recognising that something is impossible yet at the same time being certain that BABA will not let you down. — Sai baba
  12. Whoever repeats my name gets my attention.
  13. “Give me complete control of the situation, and then tell me how it turns out. — Sai baba
  14. Why are you letting your anxiety get the best of you when you already know that your sai blessings will follow you wherever you go? Have you completely lost trust in me? — Sai baba
  15. I will see to it that all of the details pertaining to your visit to Shirdi are taken care of… You are going to be astonished.”
  16. “Have faith in me, and I will make sure that your petition is heard.”
  17. “Relax… I am now in charge of resolving your issues.
  18. “I will make the arrangements so that they are in your favour. Put your trust in what I have to say.” – Sai Baba
  19. “Now look at what I Am Giving You… You may anticipate receiving MORE than you expected for.
  20. “Sai has the ability to smooth over the rough spots in your life.”
  21. “I will instruct you and teach you in the way that you should go: I will consult you with my eye upon you,” says the Lord. ” – Sai Baba
  22. “You may feel hopeless and all alone, but SAI understands precisely where you are, and he has a positive plan for your life,” — Sai baba
  23. “The gloom that has surrounded you for so many years in your life will now vanish.” — Sai baba
  24. “Whenever I make a promise to one of my devotees, you may be certain that it will be kept.” — Sai baba
  25. “I will bring back your health, your finances, your peace, your sleep, and your joy,” I will say to you. Have patience as well as trust.” —Sai Baba
  26. “BABA always arrives on time; he’s never early and he’s never late.” It requires some perseverance and confidence, but the end result will be well worth the effort. – — Sai Baba
  27. “I have nowhere else to live; your heart is really my home,”. —Sai Baba
  28. “My blessings follow you everywhere.” — Sai baba
  29. Complete faith in the Guru. There is no other sadhana.
  30. “Constantly keep him in your emotions; he will look after you.” — Sai baba