Jai Sai Ram

Shri Sai Baba, The Secret of Devotion

The most beautiful aspect of an individual life is his innocence and purity.

Everyone needs a guide or a mentor throughout his/her life. And the perfect guide is none other than our baba. The malik, the all mighty is the ultimate source of strength.When an individual stands beneath the ray of sun, scattered through the canopies of the forest, the power and strength she undergoes cannot be described.

His blessings, his magic, his power cannot be explained, but experienced.

The world is controlled by him. Your hard work, confidence, self believe will be accompanied by his blessings and strong faith in him.

Never go to him with a wish or desire to be fulfilled. You do your duty as a devotee. The magic lies behind selfless devotion.

Your love for him is all that matters. He will be your friend/father/brother/guidance and everything.

Under him, your spiritual intellect will know no bounds. Believe in yourself. And sky will be the limit.

Surround yourself with his love, devotion, faith and trust. And what you will experience will be beyond success.